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Annagora Aquapark

360 degree brand communication


Annagora Aquapark is located behind the “Greek village” in Balatonfüred. It was an unsuccessful tourist attraction within the city for many years. Although there were quite a few local visitors, tourists didn’t even known it existed. Therefore, the park had to invest huge sums of money every year into advertising using expensive ATL media channels.

Strategic Direction

When taking over Annagora’s marketing tasks, we knew immediately that we had to find totally different ways to continue the work. We redirected the communication, that was mainly targeting young people at the time, with a family focus, and therefore created a new strategy centered around a family-friendly aquapark.

Our most essential technical step was to switch the communication channel from expensive outdoor surfaces to online advertising. With the help of our precise targeting settings, they now reach hundreds of thousands of people around Balaton in a cost-effective way.

Additionally, we maintained and improved some other channels, like billboards or indirect partners, and also configured new solutions.


Due to our diverse marketing activities, Annagora became the most versatile of our clients. We now coordinate classic online marketing tasks, like Facebook and Instagram management, plush toy designing and manufacturing, along with promotion events. We created and introduced visitors to Virgonc the otter, who became a loveable mascot of the aquapark. This way, we invented a recognizable and enjoyable corporate branding image for Annagora.

As part of our cooperation, we also promote vouchers, develop online applications, organize sweepstakes and events, create graphic design and video materials, conduct customer satisfaction surveys and coordinate other tasks that go beyond online marketing.


Annagora’s marketing budget is now significantly lower, and they also have an up-to-date, high-standard image. Meanwhile a new, popular, family-friendly aquapark brand is improving Balaton, where not only Hungarian visitors but also tourists – from Germany, the Netherlands and Poland – are among the returning visitors.