• Dreher social media stratégia

Dreher Beer Manufactures

Employer branding focused social media strategy


Dreher are among the most widely-known and popular beer brands in Hungary. But only a few people know where and how these beers are born, or indeed think about being a part of the process. Dreher recognized the possibilities presented through employer branding which would enable them to become more successful in the labor market. They also knew that social media communication plays a significant role in the strategy, but didn’t fully understand the opportunities – and the challenges – in this field.

Dreher social media stratégia

Strategic Directions

It was obvious to us that, beside the middle and long-term strategic directions, our client also needed a plan with practical ideas that could be implemented immediately.

Dreher social media stratégia


Thus, our strategy didn’t only contain market research and competition analysis, defined purposes, messages and tools, but it also included an audit of the existing social media channels and our recommendations to make them more effective. We also created a guide about how to create and manage new channels.

Dreher social media stratégia


Following a successful presentation, we gave Dreher an 80+ page, complete social media strategy that they could use to build an effective corporate branding.