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International marketing strategy planning and execution


Dublino is a dominant hospitality furniture manufacturer in Hungary, and is also known internationally. They have offices in the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia and are present in the Romanian market as well. If you visit a fancy cafe or restaurant, you will most likely sit on a Dublino chair.


The wide range of premium quality products and the outstanding client service ensured its continuous improvement. But as a family-owned company, Dublino wasn’t up-to-date in marketing. Several years ago, they recognized the opportunities in this field to support further expansion. At the time Dublino didn’t have a brand image or professional marketing campaigns, especially not online marketing campaigns. Their running campaigns required improvements in both their graphic design and their content. That’s how they found us, back in 2017.

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Creating international marketing strategy

When creating the international marketing strategy our first aim was to set direction for the short-, and long-term improvements.

As part of the strategy, we conducted complex market research and competition analysis regarding the Hungarian and international market. By sizing up the regional markets and checking the advertising competition, we could estimate the required budget for an effective online presence through Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns.

Corporate branding also paid a significant part in our work. We redesigned the Dublino logo and created a new brand image that suits the size and position of the company. The new image was inspired by the Scandinavian minimalist style, while also designed to be able to represent the uniquely wide range of products.

We defined the ideal communication channels that can be used effectively to target specified B2B groups. These channels were used to create social media content and online advertising campaigns.

We enjoyed working on this project as we could utilize the whole scale of our competencies during the strategy planning. Then, we started to work on the execution.

Marketing communication, online campaign and graphic designing

In the past 3 years, we have conducted numerous campaigns following the seasonality of the industry, and the actual trends and offers.

There are 5 or 6 complex campaigns each year, as well as plenty of smaller ones too, that we support with creative planning, visual elements, copywriting, ads campaigns and landing page development.

Our results

Despite the serious competition, Dublino has not only managed to maintain its position, but has also grown continuously, both in the Hungarian and the international market. Now, there are no limits to reach even more ambitious goals.