Greenpeace Austria

Unique website development, interactive fundraising website


We have been cooperating with Greenpeace Hungary on their fundraising campaigns for many years, including some unique website development projects. We have designed and developed numerous websites and web applications to help them raise millions of forints to support environmental and well-being issues. These campaigns succeeded so well that our reputation spread beyond country borders. That’s how one day we got a phone call from Greenpeace Austria.

The challenge

By the time we had finished reading the first brief, we knew that this project would be a huge challenge even when compared to our other campaigns. They imagined an interactive website with a colourful, rotatable illustration of the Earth, where supporters can purchase a piece of land for themselves or as a gift for others. It was their explicit request that we didn’t work with stock images, and only used illustrations. That was a challenge in itself as we had to populate the planet with well-known animals and plants. Therefore, we not only had to use our graphic design and web-design skills, but also illustration competencies.

Illustration, graphic design and web-design

First of all, we had to find the ideal illustrator for the work. After a long research we conceived a globalized solution that truly fits the 21st Century. We found and befriended Rafael, who drew and sent all the beautiful illustrations from his home in Peru. Our graphic designer applied them to unique backgrounds which he had created himself. We used these illustrations on the website and also in e-mails. After this, the design became a much easier task.

Technical solutions

We built the landing site quickly, but the unique website development with the interactive Earth was much more of a challenge, even for our experienced web developer and project management team.

An essential aspect was to create a web application that works perfectly on every device. That wasn’t easy with an application that uses such complex and cutting-edge technologies. After a long web development stage and a testing phase, the website was ready to launch the campaign.

A Doppio Creative online marketing ügynökség által készített digitális illusztrációk a Greenpeace Austria Weltrettung kampányához


In the beginning, the Austrian team only used a minimal budget to attract visitors. Even so, the first feedback was very positive; visitors purchased more and more “pieces” of our planet. After a successful testing period, a higher-level marketing campaign helped to reach more and more people and to attract numerous supporters.

BREAKING: The website won the “Online Campaign of The Year 2020” in Austria.