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Greenpeace is one of the best-known and most recognized civil organizations in the world, we don’t even think that we need to introduce its activity. In recent years the organization has engaged in a varied social media marketing and communication activities. Targeting the potential supporters has become more and more a part of it.

Main areas

To protect its independence, Greenpeace only receives donations from individuals. Therefore, to be able to reach a wide range of people, we had to plan a new kind of fundraising strategy that is rarely known or used in Hungary.

Greenpeace online fundraising
Greenpeace worpress weboldal készítés
Greenpeace - Jövő városa worpress weboldal készítés
Greenpeace worpress weboldal készítés


We didn’t want to create simple fundraising campaigns; our aim was to find a way to gamify them. We designed every campaign with game elements to make them enjoyable for the users even when they were about serious environmental / social issues.

That’s how we invented I dig the bees, City of the Future, EcoCanteen and Plasticfree Hungary. Each of these campaigns succeed in engaging people.
We also supported these campaigns with online advertising, using Facebook, Instagram and in some cases Google Ads.

Over the years we have chosen marketing tools that are suitable of targeting different groups of people. We sent newsletters, developed online petition sites (one of them earned the Website of the Year prize in 2017) and complex donation websites, used social media and designed plenty of web-design and graphic design material that also can be used in the press.

Greenpeace online fundraising
Greenpeace online fundraising


The most outstanding result of the last few years was to implement the landing pages and microsites into a multisite system. This new structure manages each and every supporter of the different campaigns. All data is transferred to the CRM and newsletter system used by Greenpeace, while it also handles the daily financial transactions in a transparent way.

With this development Greenpeace took a uniquely huge step into making both online fundraising campaigns and corporate communication more professional. We are proud to be a part of it.

“Teljes mértékben elégedettek vagyunk a Doppio munkájával. 2016 őszén kezdtünk el együtt dolgozni, egy itthon még kevésbé elterjedt online adománygyűjtési kampányon. Nagyon rugalmasan és együttműködően álltak hozzánk. Csapatuk sokszínű, kreatív és gyors. Az alapelveinkkel és értékeinkkel könnyedén tudtak azonosulni, ötleteinkre nyitottak voltak. Közös munkával egy sikeres, és ami talán még fontosabb, az emberek által kedvelt kampányt valósítottunk meg.”